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Well I figured I would give a real update because well my last one was a piece of shit, but now it isn't like 2 in the morning and I am wide awake so here we go.

Well I worked friday night at burial chamber, which was interesting considering the fact we were open for like 3 hours and only haad 3 groups, but i guess I did my job well, cause my leaad actor walked through it, and he came back around nd was all like that is the way to fucking do it, so i dunno.

Saturday came my night to work blood city, I was in the toy store, and well i was skeptical based on the previous night on haveing very few groups come through, but I was wrong, we actually had a decent night, but it was fucking fun... I wish you guys could come up here to see these houses they are amazing.

well i gotta run, so
peace out,
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what is blood city?
if i had vacation time left this year i would come see it.... but theres always next year! HUZZAH!
Sounds like you're havin fun.